As part of our new exploration of the Middle School at Green School, we are exploring a way to provide ongoing qualitative reports that involve the teacher, the student, and the parents. Ideally, we would like the student to provide weekly reflections, which can then be compared to the mentor’s reflections on that student. However, this is a pretty high task to achieve. Our current reporting system is traditional, involving a summary report at the end of a term or semester.

My first concept was to build a spreadsheet that could collate the information entered by the student and teacher (maybe using a form?) and then provide a summary document to the parents. The idea here would be to have up to date comments by the relevant teachers, as well as diagnostics that show progress over time.

Following this, I explored a bit more. Here were some interesting articles on the subject:

I was in particular intrigued by this application called Freshgrade. This may be what a colleague of mine, Lucy, described as the perfect way to share learning in a Kindergarten setting. Could this work for more complex courses?