Mira as an Educational Ecosystem


As a biologist, I am continually in awe of how nature has managed to find solutions for such a great variety of problems. Need to get ants out of a hole? A long tongue could do the trick, or perhaps a long claw. Both exist in nature. How about a bigger hole and bigger prey? The snake looks like one of many solutions for this.

Mira as an educational organization could take another of nature’s great lessons… bio-mimicry. Is it possible to create an educational structure that mimics an ecosystem, complete with niches that take advantage of the ever changing group of resources and stakeholders?

What traditionally constituted a school could in fact be the ecosystem. Within it there would be several groups that compete for resources against one another, but also work in a variety of symbiotic relationships to further their needs and best address those of their stake holders.

This form of system would allow for a diversity of pedagogies to exist in one learning center, addressing a variety of needs their students may have. Each unit of the school could also expand and contract to accommodate the interests and needs of the community. In this way, the learning center could do two things: adapt to the every changing needs of students and experiment with different forms of education with integrity.

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